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F/Road Aero Frameset Winter Sky
The F/RD is an all-round race bike that strikes a balance between aero-optimized tubing, precise handling whilst being extremely light weight. Increased vertical compliance allows this performance design to go the distance. The frame composition is a result of in-house product development in collaboration with industry-leading frame designers.
Note: The Frameset only option includes all necessary hardware, such as Token A-box, a set of lightweight thru axles and a set of grommets and bolts.

• Sub 900g weight
• Advanced aerodynamic design
• Fully integrated cable routing

$ 3,999

Future-proof design

We’ve incorporated all the latest bells and whistles into the F/RD, to make sure your bike will be modern for many years to come!

The T47 threaded Bottom Bracket eliminates irritating creaking noises while still allowing the stiffness and efficiency of the 30mm crank spindle. Flat-Mount disc brakes are the new standard, offering compact design which can be tucked away neatly in the frame’s design.

Hyperlight 12mm through-axles offer incredible stiffness at a mere 53g of weight. Adding the through-axle to the design dramatically increases front and rear end rigidity, making the bike more responsive to the rider’s input, more precise and more predictable. You will be carving lines on harrowing descents and beak-neck crit races alike.

Key Features

• Up to 32mm tire clearance
• Curved, Aero seatstays for added comfort
• AeroBox compatible
• Reversible, Aeroval seatpost for 25mm and 0mm setback positions (Included)
• 12mm Through-Axles (included)
• T47 BB standard
• UCI Approved

What's included?890G ROAD DISC FRAMESET INCLUDING AEROVAL SEATPOST AND INTEGRATED CARBON FIBER BARSTEM, with Aero tube shapes, 32mm tire clearance and aerobox mounting inserts (includes: Frame, Fork, Reversable 25mm/0mm Offset Carbon Fiber Seatpost, Integrated Seatpost Clamp, All mounting Hardware, 12mm SL through axles F&R, Token A-Box Stainless Steel headset for fully internal cable routing,Token TK299 Push'N'Turn expander. 140/160mm Flat-mount internally routed brakes, internal routing for Mechanical and Electronic shifting. Frame specs: Proprietary seatpost, T47 Bottom Bracket, 12mm x 122mm &162mm through-axles. UCI Approved.

"The Fara Cycling F/AR is an absolute cracker – it feels like a race bike on the road, but can transfer that performance to hardpacked tracks and trails through its ability to swallow 38mm tyres."
"Its design engenders a real sense of freedom out on a ride."
"An ideal bike for racing one weekend, or exploring further from home the next week."
"Do you spend most of your riding hours on tarmac and want the occasional jaunt or trip into dirt? Then the Fara is absolutely the way to go."
"The F/All-Road felt lively and had a real spirit. Cutting down the descents, I felt like I was on a road bike and it was utterly fantastic."
"High-speed road bike that can tackle some rough stuff, with an awesome ride quality wherever you take it."
"The road speed impressed, but it was in the rough where I was more surprised. It's quick and impressively nimble."
"Fara definitely seems of the opinion that the best bike for any kind of occasion is the one that doesn’t stop you adventuring."
"The F/All-Road blurs the lines between road and gravel with neat bikepacking bag mounts and a beautiful finish."