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Candy 3 Black - pedals (2-hole cleat compatible)
Crankbrothers most versatile pedal - the candy excels at it all. Durable alloy body Durable cast steel wings Snap-on traction pad technology to customize and optimize the shoe/pedal interface (included) Ribbed body for better traction when unclipped Hex alloy endcap for enhanced durability 4-sided entry / superior mud shedding Customizable float & release angle Premium bearings & double seal system Owners Manual and Technical Documents Owners Manual and Technical Documents here
$ 157

"The Fara Cycling F/AR is an absolute cracker – it feels like a race bike on the road, but can transfer that performance to hardpacked tracks and trails through its ability to swallow 38mm tyres."
"Its design engenders a real sense of freedom out on a ride."
"An ideal bike for racing one weekend, or exploring further from home the next week."
"Do you spend most of your riding hours on tarmac and want the occasional jaunt or trip into dirt? Then the Fara is absolutely the way to go."
"The F/All-Road felt lively and had a real spirit. Cutting down the descents, I felt like I was on a road bike and it was utterly fantastic."
"High-speed road bike that can tackle some rough stuff, with an awesome ride quality wherever you take it."
"The road speed impressed, but it was in the rough where I was more surprised. It's quick and impressively nimble."
"Fara definitely seems of the opinion that the best bike for any kind of occasion is the one that doesn’t stop you adventuring."
"The F/All-Road blurs the lines between road and gravel with neat bikepacking bag mounts and a beautiful finish."