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Wahoo KICKR BIKE (v2)
PLEASE NOTE: This item is not available for delivery to addresses outside of Norway.
New KICKR BIKE Connectivity With lightning fast WiFi connectivity, KICKR BIKE stands alone as the most connected smart bike, giving you a stable connection that paces with your performance. Connect your bike to all of your devices, now with KICKR Direct Connect and connectivity over your WiFi network. KICKR Direct Connect attaches your KICKR to your router for a constant streaming virtual ride or race. Connecting on your WiFi network for a faster and more stable connection to your devices, and get Automatic Firmware Updates. KICKR Ride Feel KICKR BIKE combines KICKR’s legendary resistance and grade simulation technologies to replicate the sensation of riding outdoors. Interval interrupted? ERG Easy Ramp return you to your power target over 10 seconds, easing you back into your workout so you can hit your targets.
$ 4,100


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, the KICKR line of indoor bike trainers offers every level of cyclist the tools they need to get faster, fitter and have more fun while chasing their goals.

Key Features

• Customized fit, shifting and gearing to match your outdoor bike
• Real-time physical grade changes for immersive and realistic rides
• Accurate power measurement of +/- 1% with up to 2500W of resistance
• Virtually silent operation
• NEW - Direct Connect and WiFi Connectivity
• NEW - ERG Easy Ramp gets you back in action
• NEW - Odometer tracks total trainer mileage

Maximum Power Output 2500 Watts
Maximum Simulated Grade 20%
Minimum Simulated Grade -15%
Product Weight 93 lb / 42 kg
Drivetrain Belt Drive
Resistance Type Electromagnetic and enhanced motor
Power Accuracy +/-1%
Connectivity ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, WiFi, Bluetooth, Direct Connect
Crank Arm Lengths (mm) 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, and 175
Rider Height Range 5 feet (152 cm) to 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)
Maximum Rider Weight 250 lb / 113 kg

"The Fara Cycling F/AR is an absolute cracker – it feels like a race bike on the road, but can transfer that performance to hardpacked tracks and trails through its ability to swallow 38mm tyres."
"Its design engenders a real sense of freedom out on a ride."
"An ideal bike for racing one weekend, or exploring further from home the next week."
"Do you spend most of your riding hours on tarmac and want the occasional jaunt or trip into dirt? Then the Fara is absolutely the way to go."
"The F/All-Road felt lively and had a real spirit. Cutting down the descents, I felt like I was on a road bike and it was utterly fantastic."
"High-speed road bike that can tackle some rough stuff, with an awesome ride quality wherever you take it."
"The road speed impressed, but it was in the rough where I was more surprised. It's quick and impressively nimble."
"Fara definitely seems of the opinion that the best bike for any kind of occasion is the one that doesn’t stop you adventuring."
"The F/All-Road blurs the lines between road and gravel with neat bikepacking bag mounts and a beautiful finish."