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Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer
PLEASE NOTE: This item is not available for delivery to addresses outside of Norway.
The KICKR ROLLR revolutionizes the classic ride feel of rollers, with controlled resistance and front stabilizers for a natural indoor training experience.
SAFETY TIRE GRIPPER The KICKR ROLLR safety tire gripper can hold up to a 2.1” (53mm) tire to keep your bike upright and secure, making it easy to get on and off the bike while providing confidence-inspiring stability, even when sprinting.
CONNECT WITH POWRLINK ZERO PEDALS Connect Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power pedals to get the benefits of training with power. ROLLR provides power readings to within +/-1% accuracy of the power meter, allowing you to train with the same precision, indoors and outdoors.
READY TO RIDE Simply attach the Safety Tire Gripper, place your bicycle onto the ROLLR, and get riding. Setting up or switching bikes is simple on KICKR ROLLR, making it perfect for use with multiple bikes.
$ 900


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, the KICKR line of indoor bike trainers offers every level of cyclist the tools they need to get faster, fitter and have more fun while chasing their goals.

Key Features

• DUAL ROLLER DESIGN Dual-roller design frees up the rear wheel to move naturally, providing an experience that feels more like riding outdoors while reducing tire slip, no matter how much power you put to the pedals.
• CONTROLLED RESISTANCE When connected to an external power meter (not included), KICKR ROLLR provides controlled resistance in level, ERG and simulated modes. Without a connected power meter, the smart bike roller delivers consistent resistance and broadcasts speed metrics.
• QUICK-ADJUST WHEELBASE CLAMP Quickly transition from outdoor rides to indoor cycling. Simply open the quick-adjust wheelbase clamp and adjust the wheel chocks to match your bike's wheelbase: ideal for riders with multiple bikes or households with multiple riders.
• POWER METER CONNECT Connect Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power pedals or other ANT+ power meters to KICKR ROLLR to get the benefits

Maximum Power Output 1500 Watts
Maximum Simulated Grade 10%
Minimum Simulated Grade -10%
Product Weight 50 lb / 23 kg
Drivetrain N/A
Resistance Type Electromagnetic
Power Accuracy Within +/-1% of external power meter (not included)
Connectivity ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth, Direct Connect
Cassette N/A
Hub Types N/A
Adapters N/A
Maximum Rider Weight 250 lb / 113 kg